Must Have Gardening Tools

There are many different gardening tools out there, but here is a small list of some of the more useful ones.

1: Hand Rake

These are the little 3 pronged tools that look like they are claws. Very good for loosening up the earth. Always go with a stainless steel option.

2: Shovel

The workhorse of the garden. The shovel is wider than a spade, and is made for moving heavier materials such as gravel and dirt, but not used primarily for breaking up earth as are sometimes confused.

3: Gloves

Obviously, you will want to protect your hands during any and all activity in the garden. Heavy duty gloves are the best, as these will protect best against calluses and splinters.

4: Wheelbarrow

Another great tool used for moving around dirt and any other materials. A wheelbarrow with a heavy duty tire is preferable as this is the part which breaks most frequently.